The United House Of Prayer For All People ®

   of the Church on the Rock of the Apostolic Faith

    The Honorable Bishop C. M. Bailey, Leader



Bishop Charles Manuel (Sweet Daddy) Grace was born Marcelino Manuel da Graca, January 25, 1881, in Brava Cape Verde Islands, a Portuguese possession off the west coast of Africa. His family reported that as Jesus did in His day, Bishop Grace, as a young boy would teach the word of God in communal areas. In the nineteenth century, in the tradition of the Biblical Abraham, Bishop Grace became a Father of Faith. And like unto Abraham, in Jesus' Name, through faith in His Name, he left out of his country, and from his kindred and from his father's house "... [U]nto a land that I [the Lord] will shew thee." (Genesis, Chapter 12, verse 1). He came to America on a ship called Freedom in 1903 and settled in New Bedford, Massachusetts.


Bishop Walter ("Sweet Daddy") McCollough joined the House of Prayer in Charlotte, North Carolina at the age of fourteen. There he served as a Boy Scout. After moving to Washington, DC he served as Boy Scout, Junior Trustee for the Young People, Senior Trustee, Choir Member, Male Usher, Grace Soldier, Junior Elder, Senior Elder Board Chairman, Pastor, Senior Minister, the Bishop, thus giving rise to the familiar phrase, "from Boy Scout to Bishop."


Our illustrious deceased leader, Bishop Dr. S.C. Madison, hails from Greenville, South Carolina, where under the direction of his mother, he joined the House of Prayer around the age of eight or nine. Having receiving the Holy Ghost at age 17, he further developed his steadfastness and sense of purpose and answered the call that the Founder Daddy Grace made for ministers, As a young man, he was sent by Daddy Grace to pastor. His first pastoral assignment was Hopewell, Virginia. He also pastured in other locations in the state of Virginia as well as in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania.


Bishop C. M. ("Sweet Daddy") Bailey comes to his position as only the fourth person to serve as Bishop of the United House of Prayer in its celebrated 82nd (2008) historical year as a religious institution, known in America and throughout the world. As Bishop, Daddy Bailey is now at the culmination of a lifelong service of dedication to his church, community and Nation. Daddy Bailey's sum total of 41 years of loyal and devoted service in the ministry under his predecessors, Daddy McCollough and Daddy Madison is hard to match. He has travelled this Nation many times over in giving his untiring support to his predecessors. It was always their cause he advanced - their welfare he sought to protect - and not his own!