The United House Of Prayer For All People ®

   of the Church on the Rock of the Apostolic Faith

    The Honorable Bishop C. M. Bailey, Leader

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  • CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The United House of Prayer for All People of the Church on the Rock of the Apostolic Faith (the “United House of Prayer”) is pleased to announce today that it has come to an agreement with the Mecklenburg County (North Carolina) Public Health Department to reopen all eleven of the United House of Prayer’s churches in Mecklenburg County. The agreement is effective immediately. The churches had previously been ordered closed through


    The Coronavirus has struck without prejudice or partiality. It has rocked our families, communities, cities, states, country, and even planet. Our hearts go out to the bereaved and our prayers remain diligent for the sick. As disease, famine, and hardships approach in even greater waves, we remain steadfast and unmovable, holding on to our faith. In some cases, it is all we have left.